What the eCall portal can do for your business, big or small

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Jan 25

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Portals and applications allow businesses to have a mobile switchboard in the palm of their hands that can be accessed at any location for both those in the office and in the field.

Not dissimilar to ours, other portals and office systems in the market such as the recently launched App2Chat work exclusively from existing smart phones and allow you have multiple phone numbers sitting on one device to make both business and personal calls.

Despite the Pink Telephone Company’s App2Chat catering for small businesses, it lacks in benefits for medium and large enterprises who can gain an advantage with our eCall portal.

Limiting the ability to keep track of calls, App2Chat, unlike our portal doesn’t enable you to monitor your inbound calls with a suite of vital call statistics and timed reports. With eCall you can access any telecommunications data you might need in real time, including last number redials, call answering times, duration and volume; all crucial when assessing your phone-based customer service performance.

One of eCall’s tools also gives you access to heat maps that illustrate where your callers have dialled from and the average the time of day; letting you handle future marketing campaigns and explore the effectiveness of current projects.

Though it has been deemed revolutionary in terms of office management and the ‘must-have mobile office system of choice’, as far as we can tell, App2Chat does not boast an IVR Menu or Advanced Menu like our cloud-based portal either, which provides your company with optimum automated call direction.

With over 400 SMEs progressively introducing the App2Chat office system since its launch at the Business Show in December, it’s clear to see the benefits of slashing the cost of business communications in the office. But without these SMEs having knowledge of other types of systems, they are limiting their businesses to applications that are not boosting the company to their maximum.

Replacing tired infrastructure and outmoded hardware, eCall lets you transfer your calls mid-call with no second-call costs and gives you missed call alerts so you needn’t ever miss any custom for your business.

With 5 million SMEs in the UK alone we can’t see how App2Chat is a game changer, especially without one-click disaster recovery, call statistics and mid-call transfers. Furthermore, eCall are in the process of launching the most innovative, up-to-minute call-conferencing system you could possibly need, so keep a look out for that and read about everything our portal offers you here.

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