How tracking numbers help you calculate your ROI

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Feb 26

What is call tracking?

Call tracking allows your business to see directly where your custom is coming from. The common factor of all advertising goals is to boost sales and brand awareness, which call tracking allows you to do.

Call tracking means you have a number of unique telephone numbers which you use in different pieces of marketing that you are running at once – whether newspaper, AdWords, PPC, social media, TV, radio or door-to-door flyers – for tracking purposes only. These numbers are then directly routed to your normal number, landline or mobile, and answered in the usual way.

Placing one number in one single marketing campaign, and another in a different one lets you use tracking numbers to show the real effect your advertising efforts have on your business.

Understanding your return on investment (ROI) is the most important measurement for an advertiser. It is guaranteed to help you evaluate whether the money you are spending is going towards a profitable cause.

By determining which marketing methods are successful, you can use your customer’s calling as a sales opportunity in more ways than one.

What can I track?

Though it’s vital to track a number of callers, which our portal eliminates the need for you to do manually, it is important not just to rely on tracking the number of callers alone.

In order to track the quality of your numbers, you should be tracking the duration of the call too. Some calls are more valuable than others and are more likely to yield successful leads and generate more meaningful conversations. More often than not, the longer the conversation, the better.

The location is also an essential factor when considering your ROI. Knowing the locations of your calls results in a larger percentage of conversions, and highlights where you can target upcoming marketing campaigns.

The time of day, again, allows you to gather a more accurate understanding of your ROI because you can understand the callers and their level of interest in your product. With our portal, you will receive detailed reports regarding all call patterns.

What can I gain from call tracking?

Simply, with call tracking, you know where your marketing is working and where it is not. The key to improvement is being aware of your successes and failures, and call tracking gives you the exact insight you need to streamline your marketing and focus on the effectivity of successful channels.

It is a tool that encourages certain aspects of your adverting to be adapted, tweaked, improved, kept the same or lost or together and helps you decide how to allocate your budget to better-performing campaigns, reduce wasteful spending and result in financial gains.

You needn’t have to ask your customers how they know about your company with call tracking because it is a reliable way of recording data as a result of advertising and represents leads.

The benefits of accurately proving your ROI and correctly attributing marketing efforts are impossible to ignore. To impact your business, you should know where your money is working and if it is at all.

Is call tracking difficult to put into practice?

Call tracking is not difficult to put into practice. It is a simple, cost-effective system that makes a huge difference to your business.

It can be done at a very basic level, set up in advance and sounds more complicated than it is. You will have access to regular reports about all of the calls made on our easy-to-use portal, and be able to see how effective each strategy is from then on.

It is a measurement of business efficiency, no matter the size of your company and tough to know what’s profitable and what is working without it.

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