eCall’s new bespoke call conferencing service

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Feb 08

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We at eCall are now offering a bespoke call conferencing service for businesses. As a part of our web-based portal, you can have instant and hassle-free access to the facility without the need to worry about purchasing additional software with complex set-ups and costs.

The service is straightforward, user-friendly and reliable, as well as both professional and effective. You can record a company message and work flexibly to host a conference call within your business and with clients.

Giving you the freedom to work simply, the service is free as a part of our eCall portal with an 0844 number, though calls cost whatever your provider charges.

The impressive facilities function cross country, work simply for clients and represent your company as up-to-date and reliable; reinforcing a positive company message.

Invaluably, it can enable your company to link with communities and other professionals with an efficient and high-quality audio line.

Users of the call conferencing will be provided with a telephone number to dial, as well as a PIN to give them access. The service is supported by our eCall customer service team, on-hand to help with your call-conferencing needs.

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