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It is important to make the right choice for your company; what's right for one business is not always right for another. Your phone system is vital. It underpins your business’ communications. Today’s contemporary corporate environment can’t operate efficiently without it. In fact your company’s profitability and efficiency depends on optimum phone system performance.

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Ongoing Telephone System Support

eCall has the ability to supply, install and fully maintain all makes and models of telephone systems. In addition, we have fully qualified engineers throughout the UK – providing extensive coverage and excellent response times. So, rest assured that our ongoing support is second to none.

How do VOIP Telephone Systems work?

VOIP, or Hosted phone systems, are one of the more modern types of telephone systems, making use of cloud-based technology. The beauty of hosted systems is that the technology used allows small and medium sized businesses to have a sophisticated phone system without the investment in costly telephone equipment.

VOIP Telephone Systems

The entire system is operated and maintained by a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service provider, from a remote location. When customers dial your company’s phone number, they will be greeted by a custom automated attendant who will direct the caller to the correct department. You can also have an employee as a live operator. If you like, you can tailor your greetings and system operations to suit your business hours. Calls can be directed to any phone, anywhere in the world – there’s no need to be confined to your office.

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Panasonic, Avaya, Siemens and Nortel VOIP Phones

eCall can provide a range of different VOIP systems from the top telephone brands in the United Kingdom. This includes Panasonic, Cisco, NEC and Samsung telephone systems. Call today to speak to a member of the eCall team and find the perfect solution for your business.

Based on over 15 years of telecoms experience, we have the knowledge required to explore your company’s exact VOIP needs. Coupled with access to the latest in technical innovation we have the high-performance equipment you require. It is this fully rounded approach that has invited many of our customers to remain with us year-upon-year.

All services are hosted in the cloud, reducing the need to install and maintain costly hardware. Hosted phone systems come with a wide range of features, helping to increase organisation and productivity. Unsure whether a hosted system would be more advantageous than your current traditional system? Take a look at the extensive list of benefits below.

Benefits of a Hosted Telephone System:

  • Mobility – Employees can work from home, a hotel room, or anywhere whilst using their mobile device while still being
  • Money-saving – Equipment is easier to install and costs far less. A hosted phone system can often have a very low cost of ownership due to the savings in IT personnel.
  • Easy to use – Many employees find hosted systems easier to use than more traditional systems. Staff members only have to know how to make phone calls, retrieve messages, forward calls and perform other simple operations, rather than learning how to operate physical infrastructure and technology. Many host providers also offer training for staff.
  • Feature-laden – A wealth of powerful features means that hosted systems have advanced functionality, helping your employees to be more organised and productive.
  • Customer service – Employees have access to continuous customer service, allowing any questions about the system to be answered efficiently.
  • Local presence – The ability to use geographic numbers in cities where your business is not physically located allows you to create a virtual presence – a ‘virtual office’, if you will.
  • Quick set up – Hosted systems can have a business up and running far quicker than if installing a traditional system.
  • Reliable – The host provider will take care of server configuration and maintenance, as it is all off-site. Hosted systems also contain multiple points of redundancy, meaning that if one aspect of the system fails, there are backup technologies in place to ensure a smooth, continued service.
  • Scalable – New users can be added to a cloud-based phone system as needed, making the system good for business with the potential to grow.
  • State of the art – Hosted phone systems come with automatic upgrades, so the system is always running on the latest technology. Companies can carry on their daily business uninterrupted while updates are being made.
  • Creditability – A hosted phone system can give creditability to small businesses, as customers are presented with a professional-sounding telephone service.

The Right Telephone System For Your Business

By installing the right phone system you can take advantage of features such as one-click disaster recovery, call forwarding, music on hold and more. Most importantly, you will be able to effectively manage all incoming and outbound calls. In a world where perception is everything, make your first impression count.

By implementing one of the many multi-line phone systems available through eCall, and by combining this with one of our non-geo numbers, you will have a fully featured, robust and disaster proof telecoms solution – ensuring that you never miss a call.
A professional phone supplier/installer will work with you on deciding which telecom features and telephone systems are best suited to your company’s bespoke needs. The right phone system will present your customers with an excellent professional image, as well bringing many additional daily benefits.

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Let eCall Help

eCall specialise in helping companies select an internal phone system that is almost tailor-made to their daily corporate needs. As we are not tied to any one particular phone manufacturer we are able to offer friendly, impartial advice. In addition, you can rest assured that eCall only install proven systems from reputable manufacturers like Siemens, Avaya, Nortel and Panasonic - to name but a few.

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