Business Broadband Solutions

Tailor-made business broadband solutions

With a comprehensive range of data solutions, eCall can help you to design and implement an infrastructure that will help ‘future proof’ your business. We’ll make sure your chosen solution is resilient, efficient, dynamic and cost-effective.

To deliver you the perfect broadband system solution, we need to fully understand your business. So get in touch today – we’d love to talk. A no-pressure chat with one of our friendly team members will illuminate some of the products that best suit you, whilst helping us to understand just what it is that you require.

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Business Broadband Customer Support

Our support doesn’t end at the point of installation. We know that business needs change and that, unfortunately, things can go wrong. If you ever have a problem with your system or you wish to upgrade, simply give us a call. At eCall, we’re always happy to help

Business Grade Broadband ADSL

through to 50Mb and pre -configured WiFi Routers all fully supported, our ADSL product is fast, reliable and cost effective.

EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

EFM is a secure and more resilient option to standard ADSL, it allows your users to run the Ethernet protocol over previously unsupported media, such as the standard single pairs of telephone wiring. This makes the EFM port types suited for use in subscriber access networks, i.e. the networks that connect subscribers to their service provider.

Lease Line

eCall connect has access into all the major lease line / satellite providers. We can offer dedicated line speeds and best advice what connection is needed to run a high quality voice network either on G729 or G711.

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ESS (Ethernet Extension Services)

If your business requires the exchange of large volumes of data between multiple sites or locations, or if you need to provide immediate support or business-critical service solutions as well as having high speed file transfers, Ethernet Extensions could would certainly be the preferred product solution for you.

Bespoke Broadband Solutions For UK Businesses

Here at eCall we are constantly looking to provide the best value, and most importantly, the right solution for our customers. We don't believe in a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, and will tailor your options so that you only pay for what you need.

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