0845 Numbers

0845 Numbers Explained

0845 numbers are non-geographic numbers, helping to give businesses a national presence, wherever in the UK they are.

Unlike other 08 numbers, 0845s are charged at the same rate as a local UK telephone call.

0845s are caller-friendly, but have declined in popularity over the past few years, in favour of the 0843/0844 prefixes.

Picking an 0845 number is a great way to run a national campaign, whilst keeping your local lines open.

Which number would you rather call 0845 or 0345?


Which number costs the most to call 0845 or 0345?


Why choose an 0845 number?

· Give your business a UK-wide presence. As a non-geographic number an 0845 number is perfect for any business offering a national service.

· Disguise your specific location to your callers. Non-geographics don’t tie your business to any one location, which is perfect when you want to attract callers from all across the UK.

· Make your business look large and established. 08 numbers help to give your firm a professional appearance, no matter how small you may actually be. 0845 numbers are, to many people, more trustable than local numbers.

· Can be used as an additional line, alongside a local number. This is perfect if you are running a national campaign.

· 0845s are portable, so you have no need to worry if your business relocates. Your 0845 number can simply be routed to any other number, landline or mobile.

· Receive a share of the call revenue, dependent on volume. Generate a residual income which can be a welcome cash boost, ideal for smaller businesses where money is tighter.

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