0808 Numbers

Why choose an 0808 number?

  • Completely free to call from mobiles and landlines. There is no more confusion surrounding freephone numbers, which previously incurred charges when called from a mobile
  • Give your business a national presence. If you are offering a national service, having a non-geographic number is highly advisable, so as to encourage callers from across the UK.
  • Portable, allowing the 0800 number to move as your business does. Your calls can be simply routed to another mobile or landline number, allowing you to move your business without disrupting the service to your customers
  • Ideal choice for a customer service number. Calls made to customer service lines are often lengthy, and can lead to customers racking up hefty bills if they are kept waiting. Since the EU law June 2014 it is now illegal for a business to use any number other than a 01/02/03 or 0800/0808.

0808 numbers explained

0808 numbers are effectively a fresh version of the widely-known 0800 number. Created due to the increased popularity of 0800s, the prefix offers all the same benefits as its freephone counterpart.

Freephone numbers are incredibly appealing for your customers, as they give your business a professional air while offering a completely free calling experience.

Statistics show that around one in four people will not make a call if they feel they shouldn’t be charged for it, so increase your potential calls by choosing a free-to-call number.

How much does it cost to call a 0808 number from a UK landline?

Less than 10p per min
More than 10p per min

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