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Our 08 Numbers Come Packed With Features

We provide businesses with intelligent 08 numbers that are packed with outstanding features and functionality. By switching to a non-geographic 08 number, you are giving your business a true national presence while allowing the technology to manage your inbound calls. Make the switch today and protect yourself from communication failures, letting eCall give your business the edge it deserves

So which number is right for my business?

Our inbound call solutions allow you to select from a range of number prefixes, each with their own call costs, features and benefits. Below is a brief guide to each type of 08 number.

0843/0844 numbers

0843s and their predecessors 0844s give you a greater national presence, professional appearance and a welcome rebate from incoming phone calls, dependent on volume.

0845 numbers

0845s are caller-friendly and give your business a true national presence. They are charged at a local rate and offer number owners a volume-dependent rebate.

0870 numbers

0870 numbers help you to give your business the widespread recognition it deserves. You must display your tariffs clearly when using an 0870 number.

0871/0872 numbers

0871 and 0872 numbers provide a way to generate quality sales leads from genuine customers UK-wide. Calls to numbers with these prefixes can cost callers up to ten pence per minute.

Freephone numbers: 0800/0808

Our 0800 and 0808 numbers are completely free to call from both mobiles and landlines. Research shows that around one in four people will not make a call if they feel they shouldn’t be charged for it. Take advantage of this additional 23% market share by offering your customers a freephone number.
For a full list of the features included with our 08 numbers, take a look at our dedicated features page. (LINK)

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