0330 Numbers

This range of 03s is mainly used by general businesses often chosen as a preferable option over a 08 prefix. In fact as an Ofcom and EU-friendly option 0330 phone numbers are the choice of many opting to establish a fresh non-geographic number or to make the transition from and a 08.

The cost to call an 0330 is typically no more than dialling a local geographic 01 or 02 telephone number – a figure which currently stands at usually no more than 9p per minute. It is worth noting that many mobile providers do accommodate 03 numbers within free minutes packages.

If you would like to discuss how a 0330 number would fit in with your business communication plan, please call 0800 161 5552 – the eCall team will gladly explain further. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-geographic_telephone_numbers_in_the_United_Kingdom#030.2C_033.2C_034_and_037_prefix

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