0300 Numbers

More and more non-for-charities are moving to 0300. Are you?

Classified as non-geo numbers 0300s provide an easy yet incredibly effective way to create a national presence. They are also firmly associated with non-for-profit concerns. In fact, are you aware that 0300 phone numbers are set aside specifically for public sector (e.g. the health service & government bodies) and other non-for-profit organisations such as charities?

If you are unsure whether your organisation qualifies to use an 0300 click onto Ofcom’s eligibility guide at Click Here

Charity Registration

If you have ever wondered why a charity has to be registered to receive an 0300 number the answer is straightforward.

A charity registration number confirms your official charity status, allowing the general public to see that you are indeed genuine. Reassurance like this is essential especially when callers are contacting you with possible donations.

Changing to 0300

Amongst the many others to have already made the change to 0300 are recognisable names including Oxfam, Bupa and HM Revenue & Customs. Isn’t it time that you followed suit?

For more details simply call 0800 161 5552. If you’d prefer a member of the eCall team to call you please complete our online enquiry form.

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