Increasing importance in BYOD for businesses and how eCall can help

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Oct 13

Employees Only

With the constant changes in technology, business employees are increasingly wanting to use their own devices at work.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) means IT departments needn’t struggle in keeping up with those rapid technology changes, whether the device is a phone, tablet or PC. Businesses are evolving and encouraging those employees to access things such as corporate email, text documents and real-time statistics.

‘IT consumerisation’ gives the workplace freedom to choose how they do so with technology they’re familiar with, whether on iPhone 6, Nokia Lumia or iPad Pro. This initiative brings several advantages to both big and small businesses, but primarily it increases productivity while reducing costs. What’s not to love?

All of eCall’s cloud-based portal packages (bronze, silver, gold or platinum) come with an app for either Apple or Android that enables access to data wherever, and for whomever you feel like accessing it. The app allows you to edit features such as pre-connection greetings, as well as routes to landlines and mobiles, and many others depending on the package you buy.

Without the worries of IT security being threatened, the app is secure, straightforward and acts as IT self-sufficiency for your company no matter the size. Employees who already own smartphones and tablets can innovatively have greater communication control 24/7; on the road, in the office or working from home.

As Mark Coates, EMEA VP at Good Technology, points out: “[BYOD] is about being innovative and helping your employees to work better.

“Employees want to use the devices that they are comfortable with in the workplace. They want to have the same experience at work that they have at home. People are used to using applications now, rather than browser-based solutions. By giving employees what they want, companies will ultimately benefit.”

Operating a BYOD strategy doesn’t only improve staff motivation, satisfaction and productivity but it enhances customer service, which only means advances in your company. Staff working more flexibly while enjoying statistics is all encompassed in our advanced portal and application.

As part of reducing your hardware and hardware maintenance spend, the convenience is within easy reach. Don’t hesitate to call eCall today, where a member of our team on 0800 808 9900 can give you more information on what our portal and packages can offer your company.


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