How 0843 and 0844 numbers can benefit your business

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Nov 17

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With a range of available phone numbers out there, we at eCall understand that the choice can be confusing.

Below we aim to set out how 0843 and 0844 numbers can be used and precisely how they can derive benefits for your business, whether big or small. Numberstand.

First some history – 0845 numbers used to be the most popular choice for businesses, but when they stopped generating revenue for companies and charged customers the same as a local call, 0844 numbers replaced them. Once Ofcom realised the popularity they released 0843 numbers to meet demand.

Thousands of organisation across the UK now use 0843 and 0844 numbers, and here’s why:

  1. 0843 and 0844 allow you to realise the potential of non-geographic numbers. As they don’t point to a specific location they don’t restrict your product outreach and allow your company not to be judged by location. It works to your advantage as it means more business enquiries from outside your area without hesitation when they are unaware of your location. A local landline number could act as a deterrent for existing or prospective customers of your business.
  2. The number is virtual as it sits on a line rental that you already possess, whether it’s an existing landline or mobile. So once you purchase the number and attach it to a landline, it’s free to run.
  3. Being able to vary where to direct the incoming calls to means flexibility. So if you want the number to operate before, during and after business hours or offer after-sales services with contact centres, for example, 0843 and 0844 prove a popular choice. Especially for businesses that offer technical support, customer service lines and products such as ticket sales.
  4. You make money! As you receive a call rebate from all incoming call traffic, it means your company can generate significant revenue which could cover operating costs for your business. It is a cost-effective solution to your communication problems and means you needn’t worry about on-going service charges or paying to receive those important customer calls.
  5. It enables your business to answer calls promptly and efficiently. It acts as streamline communication for customers who want to be directed to the correct member of a team quickly, a crucial process to enhance customer satisfaction. It’s essential you make it easy for existing and potential customers to contact you while you deal with a large volume of inbound calls. An ideal alternative to 0845.
  6. You can monitor your advertising and marketing in a straightforward way as the number acts an extremely useful marketing tool. It gives you extensive, impressive nationwide capabilities with a more professional appearance and greater national footprint. Unrestricted, UK-wide coverage of products.
  7. The number is portable, so if you decide to relocate the business customers can still reach you on the same number. If you rely on your mobile for your business calls you’re still able to keep that number private while the 0843 or 0844 sits on top of it. Or if you’re a bigger business you can benefit from a switchboard which diverts calls and ensures call management runs smoothly.
  8. You are also given the opportunity to invest in a memorable number which is both great for advertising and for ease of memory for customers. You can even create an alphanumeric number, such as 0845 888 TAXI, which means you will stand out from competitors and your customers will never forget it.

eCall offer a range of number packages through our cloud-based portal; giving you access to call management solutions, whether that’s call routing, one-click disaster recovery, voice to email or IVR menus. The web/app portal can allow you to monitor call response rates with call statistics, too among other services. For a full range of services that eCall can offer you with 0843 and 0844 numbers, ask one of our eCall team for more information today.

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