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Oct 20


There’s a concoction of universal skills consumers expect when communicating with a company. Many of them should be blindingly obvious and the core of the service you provide, such as: patience, attentiveness, clear communication skills, compassion and empathy or deep knowledge of products.

To improve interaction with customers who demand speed and convenience, technology is crucial. Ensuring members of staff harness the skill to use that technology is even better.

Many businesses rarely communicate with customers face-to-face as their product simply doesn’t require it, so telephone and digital media are not only the first point of call but quite often the only one. With that then comes important approaches when giving that first impression, satisfying customers and building enough trust to bring them back.

Supplying customers with personalised, straightforward and pertinent information and always asking first if they can be put on-hold are some things you need to hold up on your end of the bargain.

Adhering to the unspoken rules such as answering incoming calls before the third ring or responding to messages within one business day is still, of course, critical. Provide a barrier-less customer experience; for the prospectives deciding whether to do business or not, or for the existing (sometimes irritated) who are judging your competence as a business.

As consumers we’ve all undoubtedly experienced the aggravation of being passed around to multiple members of the team (72% of people in this survey blame their frustrations on this), constantly being transferred and sometimes not getting a solution at all (26% of people in this survey were transferred without solution). Calls should be directed to the right person, and quickly-provided resolutions is how good service is defined (69% of people in this survey think so, too).

Reduce the work a customer has to do to get their problem solved without running the risk of alienating them. Our eCall packages only enhance that superior customer service and allow your business to flourish. Increase your sales, time-management, customer loyalty and enable positive word-of-mouth advertising.

The simplicity and inconvenience of the cloud-based portal gives features such as: missed call alerts, voice to email, fax to email, on-hold advertising/music, midcall transfers, IVR menus/advanced menus and pre-connection messages.

You needn’t go a literal extra mile like these examples of fast-food workers redefining customer care. And you needn’t get the reputation industries like banks have for bad customer service (with only 25% of consumers happy, according to research).

In another report, of over 18,000 customers in the UK and eight other countries polled, 90% of people said good service made them feel positive about an organisation, and 81% claimed they “just wanted questions answered” when they had a complaint or query.

Principal analyst in customer engagement at Ovum, Jeremy Cox, said: “This study is a wake-up call for brands looking to revamp their customer service to cater to today’s more demanding and better informed customers.

“While brands have the ability to precision-target highly personalised communications for every single customer, the study shows what people around the world actually value most are the basics – questions answered with minimal effort on their part.”

Don’t let the statistics speak for your company and speak to a member of our team at eCall today.

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