Business Christmas reminder: change your call-routing on your inbound number

By admin | Advice Centre

Nov 24

With the festive season upon us, it’s important you don’t leave your valued customers in the lurch when they try to contact you. Though it may be a time for packing up your business for a couple of weeks, customers still might want to get in touch about your products. We know that business is rarely 9-5, Monday-Friday.

It’s vital that when they call they don’t hear a never-ending dial tone or an irrelevant message that only infuriates them more. We know the downsides of having poor customer service and we probably needn’t remind you that a customer is still a customer during Christmas, or not.

That’s why with our eCall cloud-based portal we’ve made business solutions easy. You are able to change your call-routing inbound number destination quickly and efficiently, as well as being able to add a new voicemail message to inform your customers of any changes to business hours and record it direct from the app.

Thankfully our innovative telecom portal doesn’t work 9-5, Monday-Friday either. The simple app, available to iPhone and Android smart devices, allows you to take control of your business number 24/7 and enables greater communication whether you are on the road, checking up at home or in the office. Voicemails, missed calls and faxes can be routed straight to your email, too so you needn’t think about missing customer calls with eCall again.

eCall’s online portal is always within easy reach, so just get in touch with us today and ensure all communication with your customers remains on top form this Christmas.

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